Bad Engineering in Pisa

img_4090 img_4103Friday morning we left Florence to visit the global monument to bad civil engineering, the leaning tower of Pisa.  Under a cloudy and threatening sky we took our goofy photos showing we caused or were trying to save the ill-fated tower.  It was more fun to take photos of others trying to do the same.


The tower has been recently stabilized, but not straightened completely. Why would Pisa want the incredibly plumb tower of Pisa?  They did however straighten it about 14 inches and ensure the safety of those who choose to climb the tower today (we did not, mainly due to time and the warnings of cardio and muscular challenges.)

Galileo studied in this area and is claimed by some to have used the tower to test his theories on gravity.  We toured the grounds visiting the baptistery, cathedral and burial area called the Camposanto Monumentale.

img_4154 img_4152

Note: these posts are getting shorter probably due to the fact that I’m behind and trying to catch up.  Most of you are reading this after our trip is over.  Thank you for reading along anyway.