The Last Supper First


We had reservations for a 10:15 am tour of Milan that included a visit to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper.  Milan is about an hour away from Bellagio.  So we had to get up pretty early Saturday morning to eat breakfast over a foggy lake view, then drive the crazy narrow roads down the eastern fork of Lake Como.  We arrived in Milan with about 15 minutes to space, but our parking garage was closed on Saturday, plus there were several roads closed due to a marathon planned for Sunday.  We dropped Andrea and Liz off near our tour pick up location and set off to find alternative parking.  Finally parked, we rushed to catch up with our tour.

The duomo (cathedral) is an amazing site in Milan.  Built in the flamboyant style of archItecture, the Milanese Dumo is the 4th largest in Europe.  Our tour guide took us around the duomo pointing out interesting statues mounted on the outside of the building.  From the duomo, he took us over to the shopping mall and pointed out the very first Prada store in the world.  Next on the stop was a quick cappuccino and pastry before heading on to the Sforza Castle.


The highlight of the day (and maybe the trip) was getting to see Leonardo’s Il Cenacolo (the Last Supper) located in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie just west of the city center.  We had to enter a humidity controlled chamber and wait for a few minutes before entering what used to be the dining hall of the convent.  Visitors are only allowed 15 minutes, but we were allowed to take non-flash photos, which I didn’t expect.