The Drive to Bellagio (not Vegas)


Harbor on Lake Como in Bellagio.

The Lake Como ferry.

The Lake Como ferry.

We picked up Russ Friday afternoon at work just south of their house.  We drove straight through to a place in southern Germany (Bad Belingen), just north of the border of Switzerland, near Basel.  We ate dinner at a Serway (Survey).  We had a traditional dinner of pan fried fish, potatoes, and Rotwurst.

Hotel Bellagio Dining Room

Hotel Bellagio Dining Room

We pushed on through Switzerland after dark so that we would not be distracted to stop and take pictures of the Swiss Alps and delayed our arrival in Bellagio.  Liz was sure we were missing a great site. As we approached the border near Lugano we entered a 17 mile tunnel under the Gotthard Pass.


Small church in Bellagio

We entered Italy around 10:30 pm, and arrived at the ferry in Gaddenabia on the western shore of Lake Como, across the lake from Bellagio. We had about 10 minutes to spare with the next ferry departing for Bellagio at 11:40 pm.  We crossed over and drove the short distance to our hotel, Hotel Belvedere.  Wonderful place, great breakfast, beautiful lake views.


Bellagio street near our restaurant.